Tabula Sapiens

Tabula Sapiens is a benchmark, first-draft human cell atlas of nearly 500,000 cells from 24 organs of 15 normal human subjects. This work is the product of the Tabula Sapiens Consortium. Special thanks to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for funding this project and to the CZI Science Technology team for creating cellxgene, the tool that makes the visualization of this research possible.


The Tabula Sapiens: A multiple-organ, single-cell transcriptomic atlas of humans

The Tabula Sapiens Consortium, Science 376, eabl4896 (2022).

Full Dataset

Complete Dataset

cellxgene session for the complete atlas

Functional Compartments


cellxgene session for the endothelial compartment


cellxgene session for the epithelial compartment


cellxgene session for the immune compartment


cellxgene session for the stromal compartment